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Live Journalism + Event Production

From working at 14 East Magazine to The 19th (and freelancing with the Chicago Headline Club), my work has always existed at the intersection of journalism, events and public service. From ideation to the finest details, I move comfortably between all parts of event production.

Project Management

Coordinate events from inception to execution, including deadline setting and making task lists to communication, problem solving, cross team collaboration and day of management. 

Photo by Lauren Slusher.


Venue + Vendors

Identify and secure venues + hotel blocks. Search for vendors — ideally women, LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC owned — negotiate agreement/pricing. Lead venue and vendor coordination.

Photo by Lydia Chebbine.


Partnership Coordination

Help lead partnership work, including any cross team collaboration, logo/creative approval and shared promotion.

Photo by Lynsey Weatherspoon.



Help create new, fresh was to encourage interaction between our attendees, speakers, staff and community. From solutions sessions to economic mobility workshops. 

Photo by Lynsey Weatherspoon.


Lead communication between all teams and stakeholders involved, from the entire 19th staff to speakers, partners, performers, attendees, vendors and anyone else we are working with.

Photo by Lauren Slusher. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 4.29.29 PM.png

Content Production

Work with video and audience teams to develop ways to extend the life of our events, from turning into written stories on our site or newsletter takeaways to social-first video content and interviews.

Photo by Taylor Emrey Glascock.

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